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";s:4:"text";s:3112:"This would remove all the temporary variables and clear the channels. S5 mini wifi connectivity ... to the Wi Fi when it detects my home Wi Fi. According to reports I received, the phone can connect to an WiFi network without a problem but after a few minutes, the connection will drop, then the phone will attempt to reconnect. We can fix them directly from our Galaxy S6. I've been having some problems with Wi-Fi lately. Increased rear panel temperature close to the power button, which I am asuming is the WIFI antena (spelling). 0 answers | Galaxy S5. Ive had this nagging issue with my previous samsung galaxy S4....and now ive upgraded to the S5 ... to the wifi at home ... WiFi disconnecting - Samsung S4 & S5. Ive had this nagging issue with my previous samsung galaxy S4....and now ive upgraded to the S5...and I still have the same issue. If I long click the WiFi symbol in the notification bar, it's directly at the top in the WiFi settings above the available networks. If push that button, it goes dull green, indicating wifi turned off. Now the Randomly Disconnected Wifi Connection On Galaxy S5 should be solved. Click here! Application will connect and I can use it. If nothing works, you should forget the Wifi network and then reconnect. Your WiFi will be off and on again. My battery life went from 36 hours down to approximately 8. Galaxy S6 Did everything above plus cleared phone cache, soft re-boot and still the phone loses the Wi-Fi connection. On the phone I have to turn Wi-Fi off then on to re-establish the connection. How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 that keeps disconnecting from WiFi network (easy steps) ... Quick fix for Galaxy S8 that keeps dropping its WiFi connection. my insignia android tablet keeps disconnecting from my wifi and I know its not the wifi because my laptop and iPhone are still connected. It's on the way to Samsung now :rolleyes: If you are having trouble to connect your Galaxy S5 to your pc through a USB cable you need to know How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue. Wifi keeps disconnecting and Reconnecting ... Galaxy S8: Galaxy S8 ... That way it's not pulling different Wi-Fi signals it thinks is best at any given time. Before that I had no problems with holding the WIFI connection. Find "WiFi Power Save Mode" 6. After forgetting the Press the "ON" button to turn the "WiFi Power Save Mode" off. Yesterday it got hot & ran the battery down quickly probably due to all the wifi dropping & reconnecting. How Do I Fix My Galaxy S5 That Keeps Disconnecting From the Wi-Fi? In the notification area, the wifi button at the top is highlighted bright green as if connected. How to Fix the WIFI Problems for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. A few times the S5 rebooted itself. Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting on my phone? The Wi-Fi symbol is active and the arrows working but no program can connect. WiFi keeps disconnecting. If I restart it it gets connected again only to do it later again. 0 answers | Galaxy S5. I received a lot of emails regarding the most recent WiFi problem with Galaxy S5, which started after Android 5.0 Lollipop update. ";s:7:"keyword";s:39:"galaxy s5 keeps disconnecting from wifi";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}